Tom Cruise Fights Superman In This Crazy New Trailer For Mission Impossible Fallout

He may have broken an ankle for it but don’t hate us if we say that it all may have been worth it in the end. The second trailer for Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible- Fallout is here and it looks bigger, riskier and better than ever before.
The new trailer has Tom and a heavily-moustached Henry Cavill pulling off some ridiculously dangerous stunts, something the Mission Impossible series has always been known for. Tom launches off a window– a stunt that paused the production for several days after he broke his ankle doing it– rams his bike in a van, jumps off aircraft, gets crushed by a helicopter and fights Superman himself on a cliff, in this sixth instalment of the hit franchise.

Watch Mission: Impossible-Fallout trailer here:

Tom returns as agent Ethan Hunt to save the world from a nuclear war. Henry plays an assassin who has been hired to keep an eye on Ethan to keep him from ‘going rogue.’ Also returning with the film are series regulars, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson and Alec Baldwin. The Crown star Vanessa Kirby will also be a part of the film that releases on July 27.
Source: Desimartini

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