Chrissy Teigen Is Ready For Acting

Model Chrissy Teigen has recently said that she is not at all impressed by some of the movies she has seen in the recent times. On that note, she also said that she feels she could try her hand at acting. Teigen had earlier appeared in her husband John Legend’s music video for the song All Of Me.
Teigen took to her social media account, where she talked about featuring in films, the model said, “Okay movies s**k. I’m ready to be a very famous actress now. Please send me all the scripts”, as per reports on
She further added, “Please note I cannot cry on cue but I am very good at happy, angry, tired, bitchy, super nice gal but complete indifference is my strength. I will do sexy time scenes it doesn’t have to make sense”. Meanwhile, the model is currently going through pregnancy and is set to embrace motherhood very soon.
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Source: Desimartini

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