Britney Spears Sparks Engagement Rumours To Sam Ashgari?

Britney Spears met Sam Ashgari on the set of Britney’s raunchy Slumber Party video. News of them being an item started floating ever since. However, it was the pop star who confirmed their relationship when she shared a photo of them on a hike, one of his birthday cake and another of them larking about with Snapchat filters and captioned it as “My baby’s birthday”.
The duo has been inseparable since then. Now, gossip mills are churning out rumours that the couple has exchanged rings and are engaged now. The pop star was spotted sporting a big rock on her ring finger during a recent trip to Hawaii. Sam also accompanied her on the trip.
The couple much in love while walking hand-in-hand. If it’s true, her fans would be more than happy. On a related note, Britney has been married twice. Once for 55 hours and then again with whom she has two sons.
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Source: Desimartini

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