Critics should do this! – Sivakarthikeyan

In an exclusive interview with Galatta, we asked him how does he feel about Remo being criticized as a film supporting stalking and the actor gave us a candid sensible reply. As a newcomer, he couldn't first understand and choose scripts that portray his original character. In reality, he does not smoke or drink but he has done drinking scenes in movies and has been a part of songs that scold women.

At this stage, he is in a place to choose 1 out of 4 scripts offered to him and he is happy that the movies that he is working right now are strong in content. He also adds that Remo is not the only film with such a content as the director took inspiration from Alaipayuthey which is considered a classic. Finally, he adds that if critics start celebrating movies that are clean and good, naturally the tendency for writers and film makers will move towards making films like that.

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Source: Galatta Tamil

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